Growing up within a black community, witnessing racism firsthand, activist JD Mass PsyD tells of his successes and missteps in building powerful alliances with melanated people. JD’s parents chose to raise him in the only diverse community in St. Louis where he was able to witness and experience racism and cultural differences. It sparked an inner desire to understand why we created such a world.

Our challenge has evolved. It’s no longer about battling apathy or overcoming ignorance. Today, we face the daunting task of charting a course through the dense fog of semantic debates, political distractions, and self-congratulatory tendencies. The time has come to complete the journey we embarked upon – to mend the wounds we knowingly inflicted.

The question on many minds today is: How can we foster healing and unity among people of diverse backgrounds – black, white, and brown? It’s a question that impels us to open our hearts, broaden our minds, and delve deep into our souls. Together, we must contemplate: What exactly are we racing towards?


JD has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, starting a tennis teaching organisation with his college coach. Shortly after graduating with a degree in finance, he played a pivotal role of structuring Nelly’s early business ventures, including Apple Bottoms Jeans and Derrty Entertainment.

JD followed his time with Nelly by joining The African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem to learn community building based on health, peace, and sharing.

In 2017 JD achieved his doctorate in Organizational Psychology and became heavily involved in white antiracism groups in Los Angeles and later in St. Louis. This work in anti-racism reflecting on what he learned throughout his journey inspired him to write “Race for What?” A wise thinker and guide, JD dares white folks to stay the course to finally correct the harm of racism and help create a humane world.

This book will not make you comfortable, however it will challenge you to dig deeper, think harder, and make room for new possibilities.