A White Mans Journey And Guide To Healing Racism From Within.


Race is currently a hot topic of discussion. Questions being considered are: Does racism still exist? What does equity look like?  How do we achieve justice?

Anti-black racism is real.  It hasn’t been corrected and it won’t go away on its own. Aboriginal (Black) and Indigenous folks have carried the burden for far too long.  It is time for white folks to take the next step and complete the mission.

Race For What? provides stories with a unique perspective from a white man’s experience and his idea for seven steps to healing.  JD Mass PsyD, the author, encourages white people to work through the emotional and psychological obstacles in order to repair and heal the harm racism has caused.

JD Mass has been on a lifelong journey to learn why racism was created and what we can look forward to without it.  Change is happening.  Will it be the superficial change that doesn’t bring forth justice or the transformational healing that is needed?  Race For What? provides a vision for the latter.

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More Possibilities For

Systemic Changes

This is so important because it helps bring attention to the struggles that people of color face on an everyday basis, even if they’re not visible or talked about in society’s dialogue around these issues!

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The Questions we want to ask ourselves is in this race we created- where are we going? What are we trying to win?

A Vision Of Healing

As found in RACE FOR WHAT?

The SEVEN STEPS for us white folks to take to heal the harm of white supremacy culture.

Step 1

Don’t Move – Seek Understanding: We as white folks must take time to reflect on why we created a system of racism and what are our intentions – so we don’t keep doing harm.

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Step 2

Acknowledge the Harm: White Supremacy Culture has not only harmed black folks and other melanated people. The design and practices to create and maintain WSC have been harmful to our ability to connect to one another and the earth.

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Step 3

Letting Go of Privilege, Power and Fear: Letting go allows us to open up to receive the gifts of the transformative process that is taking place.

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Step 4

Appreciate the Value of Others: We have been taught of our own superiority while ignoring the greatness that black and other indigenous cultures have contributed.

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Step 5

Reparations: It is time to repair the harm. We cannot have humanity, justice, or the pursuit of happiness for all without the reparative part of the healing process.

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Step 6

Being Led By a New Mind: In order to create something different, we must approach and practice differently. This takes learning from a mindset that already demonstrates the humanity we seek.

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Step 7

Manifesting Humanity: It is humanly possible to create a world that is harmonious with one another and the earth.

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